Friday, September 16, 2011

"You from Massachusetts? We have Yankee Candle from Massachusetts"

I have now been in Ascoli Piceno for three days and two nights. The first night did not go so well. I was one of two in an apartment where I had my own room. I had a striking realization that I was not made to live by my self. Fortunately there were some other changes that needed to be made and they were and now I am living with three other girls in a great little apartment!! Take a gander:
Abby (back to) and Meg(facing camera) in our kitchen dining room :)

Erin in the living room


PORCH!!! Which we ate dinner on last night. It was GREAT!

Erin's and my room, my bed!!

The view from our room of the Piazza del Popolo!! 

We had our first language classes today and it was a little scary but also good. My mastered italian vocabulary consist of the following:
Buon giorno! (Good morning)
"     "  Cera! (Good afternoon/evening)
"     "  Notte! (Good night)
Grazie! (Thank you)
Conto per favore. (Check please)

I am getting better at saying a lot of things though. It will just take practice!

So we are all getting settled in. It feels like we have been here for weeks already. Each day has a pretty high learning curve. Tomorrow we are eating breakfast with the whole group and then all heading to the beach!!! I am quite excited to see the wonders that the Adriatic has in store for me.

Today is a bit shorter one. Love you all!

IWOD: Crescere = To grow up
Ciao Ciao!

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