Saturday, September 17, 2011

Andiamo alla spiaggia e mi piace a ballare!

Katherine I hope you recognize the lyrics....they are just in a different language than we are used to hearing them in....Well I think you know the song :)

So today was BEACH DAY!! (part one) All of us ate breakfast with our professors first and then got ready and headed to the beach. It was glorious. about 92 and sunny, the water was at least 70. It was like a bath tub. I sadly do not have any pictures of my own but if you have facebook you can check out the ones my friends posted.

Now its homework time until an early bed. I will check in with you all tomorrow for BEACH DAY!! (part two) :)

IWOD: Bruciato = burned....Which I am from where my bathing suit hid all summer.

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