Monday, September 19, 2011

House of Trumpets

Hello everyone!! I have a couple days to catch you up on.

YESTERDAY! also known as beach day part 2!! So we spent the whole weekend at the beach and doing homework. We live in Ascoli Piceno and we take the bus to San Bennadetto which is the coast. It takes about an hour and it might be one of the most terrifying drives ever. Italians are known for their crazy driving and we experience it daily when they come zooming by in their tiny little smart cars or on their vespas or motorcycles down alleyways that are about 12 feet wide. In their defense they are fantastic and as terrified as I am they handle their vehicles well. But I did not expect the driving to be the same on a 60 foot long, 3 ton is. And the streets are about 15 feet. Okay a bit of an exaggeration they are 24 feet wide. AND the roads are crazy windy your turning the next corner before you've finished the first one. Needless to say I wasn't sleeping much either way. Once at the beach everything was quite peachy. We sat in the same place both days. Went swimming out to, what I assume to be, breakwater rocks.

So quick story. They day we got to Ascoli we were walking down the alley way to one of the apartments and these boys stuck their head out of the windows and asked us if we were American, we said yes,  and they said they are British. Turns out the are basketball players for the Ascoli/Italian professional basketball team. So we made our first friends.

For beach day two! the boys joined us. We had loads of fun, swimming, jumping off the rocks (about 4 feet high) and laying around. They are quite funny. There are two American boys who Erin and I have met but they weren't able to come with us. So it was a successful day!

Presently Erin has just made a world class dinner for us.

So we had baked figs wrapped in prosciutto. And swerley pasta with red sauce.....So simple and the most delicious. Seriously do it at home, it is salty and sweet and basically just tastes like bacon. Figs wrapped in heaven. Maybe the best dinner yet. 

I kind of am skipping around but its my blog so whatever :) Today was the first official day of class. I had three. It was kind of a long day but I made it through. I must say I am very grateful that my classes are in english right now. I am hoping that as we all become more fluent that that will change but I was much less stressed having some english still in my day. I had Italy Today which will be very helpful for learning about Ascoli and Italian culture in general.

Watch this video and it will tell you mostly everything you need to know about italians. Then I had Italian which is fairly laid back since it is just 3 of us in class but it is still hard. And finally Building Rome which I think will be good, I think I will know some of the material but that will only make it easier. Tomorrow I have Italian and Italian history and culture. The killer part is that our school is on a huge hill. And the best place to study is up more of a hill. So im just saying, but boys you best watch out because my butt and calfs are gonna be toned after three months of this up and down a mountain stuff. 

Well on that note I must go do homework and plan my weekends with the rommies.
Have a great night everyone at homeee XOXO

IWOD Scoreggia = fart

Ill let you put the title and the word of the day together....

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  1. Please tell me there are pictures of these new friends of yours