Monday, September 12, 2011

...And a whole ocean

3 Bags, 2 flights, 4000 miles, and a whole ocean later I have successfully arrived in Venice. I even made it to the correct hotel.

The day started at 830 am waking up and getting ready for the arduous journey ahead. Mom and I drove down to Portland and took the bus into Boston, Logan airport. A much better choice than driving in and trying to park.

We were dropped off at the gate and I got my boarding pass, rearranged a bit of my luggage, then checked my large suite case. Aunt Liz met us at the gate having just dropped her husband at his. She was an incredible help to our (Mom and I's) nerves :) We had a bit of a snack then said by to Aunt Liz. After a little time killing I finally said goodbye to Mom, there may or may not have been some tears, and went through security. A very big non event. There were very few people at the airport and lots of TSA Agents so everything was moving pretty quickly. After one last wave and blown kiss I was on my own. That sounds very dramatic but it was not, there were plenty of signs to get me to my gate.

Once at the gate I waited a while until Erin, one of the girls on my trip, got there as well. It was an easy board and flight into Amsterdam. We spent most of the time watching great movies, Arthur and Hall Pass being two very funny ones. We waited in Amsterdam for about 3 1/5 hours after a long walk from gate to gate. Again a smooth flight with a couple cat naps. Below are a few pictures from the plane.

Leaving Boston!

View on the plane!

Since arriving in this incredible city, Erin (my traveling buddy), Amanda, Christian (one of the professors), and myself went out for a bite to eat and walked around a bit. The great thing about Venice is that it is an island and you can get "lost" without being too far away from where your supposed to be, again due to the fact that you would have to traverse the canal/ocean. Now I am just sitting in the lobby with a few others writing to you all. I will post more later. But at this point I have been up for 26 hours and I have to keep moving so I don't fall asleep.

Love Kelsie

And Katherine I promise I will post the word of the day starting on my next post. I am too frazzled to say things normally in english let alone in italian :)

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  1. Glad to see you are right into things! Love the plane pics...