Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Long walks and friendly talks

(The following are the events of Tuesday... Aaaaand a bit of really early wednesday morning (: )

So...Venezia. Well let me tell you....its pretty much what everyone says and what all the pictures look like: BEAUTIFUL....everywhere! Every bridge, every street is pure beauty.
Exhibit A, B, and C:

We walked all around the city and went to an art exhibit. Called the Biennale, it is basically the olympics for art. Each country chooses their "best" (a bit subjective me thinks) contemporary artist the following three are the US of A's:
That man is real and actually running and spinning the belt.

There is double meaning or irony in each piece. Materialism being a key point. Interoperate as you will.

The following are from a country we cant remember but they were part of one of my favorite exhibits.
If you would like to look into it a bit more I saved you a google. 

We spent about and hour and a half at La Biennale, had lunch there, more prosciutto sandwiches, and then we went to venture more into the heart of Venice. In the second photo you will see (left to right duh) Amanda, Hannah, Erin, and Molly. The five of us walked down the street took some photos, you know, the typical tuesday afternoon activities.

The Bridge of Sighs (only a bit, it was under construction)

Too poor for Giorgio Armani

Theses two are on the bridge over the Grand Canal just outside our hotel.
(Me, Mollie, Amanda, and Hannah. Credit to Erin for taking the picture.)

We needed a bit of a rest after walking around the city, so we took one. We have become quite friendly with the lobby chairs due to the fact that it is the only place we can access the interwebs. So we spent some time on it. Though at that point it was a bit early for you folks over there (there being the US) so not chit chatting then. 

Mollie, Amanda, Hannah, Erin, Abby, Meg, and I went out to dinner and did some great  bonding. Im not confirming or denying anything but if you want to get close with a group of people you don't know just talk about your bodily functions and you'll be long lasting friends. Just sayin.

Dinner at the Pizzaria. Everyone and then my meal Gnocchi Ragu. Soo yummy!

We spent a few hours just talking and getting to know one another. I ordered my first legal glass of house white wine. It was pretty good. It was nice to have with dinner. After we went back to the hotel to drink some fine things that we purchased earlier in the day.

Hannah with our unique cooling system. Definitely how your supposed to use the beday.

In Erin's and my room. Trying some Limoncello.
So I had one sip on the Limoncello and couldn't drink any more hahaha. It was quite sweet but also very very strong. We spent a bit of time just chit chatting in the hotel. After we went out to see Venice's night life. It was minimal. We went to a bar and sat in the back and talked some more about our lives. Some people got Bellini's a peach flavored drink. Around midnight thirty we decided to head back, exhaustion had reared its tired head, but on the way we stopped and some people got Kabobs and me and Abby got a slice of pizza. P.S. Best pizza ever! Also i just want to clarify what a Kabob actually is, you all probably know and it was just me, but its not meat and veggies on a stick. Those are shish kabobs. Kabobs are basically wraps with pulled chicken or beef and some delicious magical sauce. Seriously, Magical.

At the hotel we spent some more time in the lobby checking things and chatting to friends at home. A little after one am the internet stopped working. The people at the desk said it was broken but we are pretty sure they just wanted us to go to bed. So we did. Sneaky Italians.... 

And that is where my post ends. I must go pack so that in 45 min, we can leave and get on the bus and drive 6 hours to Ascoli!!! Ciao for now!

Italian Word of the Day (IWOD): Aggiungere ( a-jewn-jer-ay) - to add. It is one of my favorite sounding words.


  1. Well, I must say, it looks like a beautiful start to your semester. UMaine looks pretty dull in comparison.

  2. I mean chances are that they are just slightly more dull...but just slightly :)