Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Today was chalk full of adventures. For starters this morning when we tried to start Big Red (the car we take to our site Ik'nal every 6) decided that she wasn't going to start, so we did a little jump starting. We get on our way make it to the "access road" also know as off rodeing. Because of the rain the "road" is pretty wet and muddy so stopping is not ever a good idea. So we stop to be yelled at by a farmer to not hurt his lime tree (which we do know the location of) and turn off the car....So the truck (with Adam, Saturo, Mr. Pow, and Jamie) had to turn around rejump us, reverse up the road a little ways, park, and we had to walk the rest of the way in. This road all the way to the site usually takes 12 minutes and it took us about 25. 

So we get to the site, ready to get digging and find out the we have the wrong ipad (which is where we log all our data). Wha whaaaaaa. It is just one crazy thing after the other, Murphys law was in full swing in the Belize Jungle today. 

Then we are getting in the swing of things, a few of us are screening the dirt that the others are digging up and we hear this growing buzzing sound and we all freeze because it is a swarm of killer bees that are on patrol, luckily they were far enough away and didnt notice us and didnt come back. 

The day was very very hot, I sweat a lot. But we excavated some really cool things. We have opened up 4 of the 25 3 meter by 3 meter squares which yields a ton of dirt so it keeps the screens busy, but we found the wall of a circular structure which is really cool!! AND I FOUND BONEEEEEE, I mean it was  a piece about 3cm long or so but still, I found it! Literally a dream come true. Mr. Pow also found a conch shell!! Which is SUPER sweet and made Ellie (my professor) ecstatic.

Lunch however was a bit of a let down. Every day we bring our lunch in lunchboxes that the kitchen here at Banana Bank prepares for us. Well today the red fire ants found our lunches first. They ravaged our tuna salad sandwiches and I was able to salvage my sticky bun and a bit of watermelon and some people didnt save anything. So we all shared lots of cashews, beef jerkey, granola bars, and plantain chips that people brought for themselves. 

The day ended pretty well we brought back something like 15 artifact bags. Starting Big Red again didnt go so well however. Even with jumper cables she just wouldnt start. She went to the shop yesterday and was diagnosed with electrical problems. So the boys switched the batteries from Big Red and the truck and were finally able to get it started. We made it home safe, but late, seeing a snake slithering across the road on our way. Since then it has been pretty uneventful.

This weekend we are going to the Caye (Key) Ambergrise which will be a ton of fun. And will hopefully give me the internet to post photos of things!!! Talk with you all soon!

P.S. Tricia I hope you get up to Canada safely and I am excited to read your bloggggg. 

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  1. Loving your blog! I leave here Friday morning. I will be happy once I am off the plane(s) and at the university!