Monday, May 21, 2012

"96 degrees out" Mr. Pow (a worker and for all intensive purposes Forman) told me today. My first day "out in the field" but whats important to remember about that is there its probably about 95% humidity. Needless to say I had a fantastically hot day. It was the first day of digging and getting down and dirty. And boy did we get dirty. Like seriously had dirt ALL over my body, and all that sweat just makes you extra sticky so the dirt really clings right on. The sun is very hot and through I applied many layers of sunscreen ( Mom really I swear I did!!) I managed to be burned on the back of my neck (forgot the first day to screen there so that one was my fault) and on my arms, I automatically win for watch tan lines as well as farmers, and then on my skin belt on my back. Ooops! But I have aloed up, though there does not seem to be the same instant cooling relief. Beyond that I had a fantastic time!! I used a trowel and dug (tediously) around rocks collecting pottery sherds (YES SHERDS, shards are of glass) I also found a couple tiny pieces of Obsidian which was used by the maya for bloodletting and such because it can be quite sharp.

The Banana Bank Lodge has continued to be a wonderful host we are quickly getting to know each of its members. As well as the local workers at the site. All in all, Belizeans are extremely friendly and wonderful people.

As for the wildlife no more snakes (yet) and I have had a tiny tick that was pulled off easily, it wasn't all the way in yet. I have yet to be bitten by a mosquito but there are a TON of little flies that like to bite right down and the seem little repelled by both the deep woods off or the 100% deet. The jungle is quite an exciting place and I will write more later. It is only 9 o'clock here and I am ready to drop. 5 am starts to come pretty quickly. Also I will work on photos but there are weird limitations on uploading and downloading things on this internet so I will post hopefully one here and there but they might just have to go up once I return home.

Hopefully get a chance to go into more detail about everything later but for now,

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