Thursday, May 31, 2012

Hello folks!! So heres the breakdown of this weekend.

Friday: We worked very hard all day long. It was the first day at new sites for four of us. I moved to Haats Kaab and it was great! In stead of a vary large site with 25 2x2m squares there is only 7 1x2m squares so its a trench. There was more wind and less Dr. Flys which are the worst and bite a lot. BUT after work we got a ride with a friend Kenny to Belize city and took the water taxi to Caye Ambergris. We got there in the evening and walked right by our hotel the first time which was newly renovated and very nice, but super cheap! That night we just showered and got dinner at the hotel. 

Saturday we could not sleep in past 7 so we were up and ready to explore, we took our time getting ready and walked around the island. It was rainy off and on all day but we enjoyed ourselves regardless. That afternoon we got in our bathing suites and went down to the beach. I tried to snorkel but there was really nothing right off the beach so I decided to join Katrina and Evelyn and paddle board. Turns out its super fun! and a really great ab work out. The wind was blowing really hard and just as soon as you would make a little progress you would be blown away. The best part of paddle boarding was that TWO boats stopped and gave us free beers! We are soo cool. Obviously. So we just sat on our boards and floated in a few piers down and walked back. Kids: Remember if the current is to strong swim diagonally back to the shore, even if it is further away from your parents. Thank you Safety Day.

That night we got pizza for dinner and then went to a club called Jaguar. We met up with our friend Roberto who was the bartender at our hotel and we all had a lovely time. But word to the wise, going out in San Pedro at 11 is early, 1230 1 is when it gets really busy. We were out until 4 dancing our booties off. Top night.

Sunday morning we got up and grabbed breakfast quickly because we wanted to catch the boat back to the mainland, where we met up with David, our tour guide for cave tubing. Best sunday ever! You spend about 40 min walking up a very nice groomed path through the jungle. Then you get to the right part of the river and everyone sits in their tubes and links up feet under the armpits of the person in front of you. David is in the front and steers us through and points out with his headlamp formations. We stopped at one point and got off and walked into the crystal cave and saw giant stalagmites and stalactites that sparkle. The fresh water that runs in that cave is so clean from the crystal limestone its drinkable. We also took some time and jumped off a tall rock into the clear waters. Tons of fun and totally worth the time. We crashed hard when we got back to Banana Bank.

This week I worked more at Haats Kaab and then Wednesday I started doing work at Kax Tsabil (which in mayan means fried chicken, Adam named it.....its his favorite food...) It is an incredible site! Right now we are working to uncover a trench that goes up a pyramid, it is sooo cool! We have tomorrow off and that makes it a long weekend for us. So we are going to Guatemala to go to the famous site Tikal which is truely a wonder of the world and will be back sunday afternoon. Hopefully I will write more there but if not I will write on sunday!

Missing you all at home!

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