Saturday, May 19, 2012

Hello from the Jungle!!

I had two safe and easy flights, Boston to Houston and Houston to Belize. A local man named Dave drove us to Banana Bank Lodge which is where we are staying. It really great! I will post picture asap but just saying....we have a Jaguar... It is living and beautiful and caged so no worries there. We have already seen a snake and had it killed.

For dinner we had DELICIOUS burritos, rice, and salad. Everything here is very beautiful and we (the 6 of us girls in the group) are really excited to see one of the sites we will be working on tomorrow. But for now it has been a long day (it started at 4) and I am now going to crash!

Talk to you all soon enough! (with pictures!)


  1. A jaguar! How cool! Glad the food was good and that you are getting settled in ~ love you loads, Mum

  2. I'm so jealous of you! Have an amazing time and I look forward to reading this!

  3. Now I can comment on this from my account! Belize sounds so cool already! Keep us posted!